Simon`s band presents great compositions by the bandleader. That distinctive sound combines elements of blues, swing, bop, bossa nova, modern jazz and funk, and includes breathtaking solos, creative interplay and is played with a lot of passion and conviction.
A shining hour of the clarinet in the context of modern jazz !.
In the days when Sidney Bechet or Benny Goodman were calling the tunes, the clarinet was the jazz instrument par excellence. Thanks to Simon Wyrsch it is back in the limelight.



On one hand, the band name is an allusion to the jazz song and same-named film "Pennies from Heaven" by and with Bing Crosby.
On the other hand, Benny Goodman was the „King of Swing“, and to the
repertoire which he used to play, this band has devoted itself with much passion to revive this great music. Unforgettable melodies such as
"Stompin 'at the Savoy", "Lady Be Good", "Memories of You" and many, many more.
Ear candy à la absolute superlative, let's dance !




The trio was founded during summer 2015 on a big journey through russia. It started out as a Duo between Gudimir on gusli and Simon on clarinet, and later on drummer Marc joined them. Whether in opera houses, jazz clubs, small theaters, cinemas or at open air festivals, they always fascinated their audiences.

Gusli is one of the oldest russian string instruments - his roots go back to ancient times - and Gudimir (Maxim Anukhin) from St. Petersburg is the most important living virtuoso on that instrument.

The music consists elements from russian folk music as well as some rhythmic and harmonic structures from indian music. Combined with western concepts from jazz and classical music, stimulating sometimes hypnotic sounding worlds. Characteristic of this trio is the lower tuning of the instruments (A = 432 Hz) , which results in warm and gentle sound, laying out an esoteric, metaphysical mood.

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